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Tried. Trained. Tested.

MoH will offer general housekeeping tasks including Childcare, Cleaning, Cooking. The Maid of Honor is well trained in first aid, special need care, grocery shopping, care of new mother, care of newborn, special culinary skills, driving* amongst many other skills

Most of our MoH shall be live in with options for day MoH available in near future. We give you the option to replace your MoH seamlessly via the app when your current MoH leaves. The option to have your house covered for the weekend when your MoH goes off duty




Some Benefits

  • Your MoH is vigorously vetted and verified
  • Your MoH is well trained and is work ready from Day One
  • Your MoH is managed by a reputable company, giving you peace of mind
  • Your household is safe and secure with an experienced MoH

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